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Content Locking

To protect your project's content from being overwritten, two users are not able to edit and save content at the same time. If you enter the edit screen of a content item already being edited by another user, you'll see a notification letting you know who is currently editing that item. You may request that the user leave the edit screen and break the lock by selecting the Unlock button on the notification, if available.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The TakeShape WYSIWYG editor supports two different kinds of shortcuts to make writing content easier, command shortcuts and markdown shortcuts.

The first type of shortcut is a traditional command shortcut where you can hold down a combination of keys to trigger an action. The second type of shortcut is a markdown shortcut. Markdown is a type of simplified markup language. With a markdown shortcut you type out the markdown equivalent of the type of formatting you're looking to produce. For example if you want to create an h3 you would type ### . The hashes will disappear and then the editor will be in h3 mode.

Editor shortcuts are interchangable with each other and with the inline toolbar that can be called up with a double select of the mouse. If you think there are more shortcuts that would be useful drop us a line at


+ + i

Header 1

+ + 1 or ##

Header 2

+ + 2 or ##

Header 3

+ + 3 or ###

Header 4


Header 5


Header 6


Bulleted List

+ + 8 or -

Numbered List

+ + 7 or 1.


+ + 5

Code Block

+ + ,

Inline Code

+ + . or ``

Small Text

+ + s

Section Break

+ option + -

Line Break

shift + return

Break out of container

+ return