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ShapeDB is a hosted data store that TakeShape provides for custom data in your projects. Whether you're extending shapes to augment API data, or just creating data to fetch from your project itself, ShapeDB saves you from having to find an external storage solution.

As part of the free Developer plan, each account gets 10GB of ShapeDB storage, including custom data like image assets. Need more than 10GB? Check out our pricing page to find the best plan for you.

Data Modeling

We have a guide to help you get started modeling your data to best fit your needs. You'll learn how to specify what data to persist in ShapeDB, which shapes are best for your data, and some best practices for naming your shapes.


Get started immediately with one of our recipes. Learn how to make use of your custom data with concrete examples.

Importing data and managing assets

Learn how to manage assets, like images, in ShapeDB. We also have a guide for importing data via jsonl files if you need to add data to your project in bulk.

Use our editor and localize data

Learn how to use the editor in our web client to customize your data. You can also use our localization features to localize shape fields, or change your entire project's default locale.

Webhooks, customizing workflows and version control

Trigger SSG builds with TakeShape's webhooks whenever you make changes to data in ShapeDB. TakeShape also keeps track of versions so you'll always know when and by whom data was changed. For more complex projects, set up a workflow.