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Trigger builds in response to content changes

TakeShape can trigger remote SSG builds on Netlify or Vercel using webhooks. This setup is common  when using TakeShape with a third-party SSG like Gatsby.js or Next.js. It allows editors to save content content on TakeShape and automatically triggers a build on Netlify or Vercel to publish the updated site. If a project is using the TakeShape SSG the build is handled by TakeShape and a "Static Site" is configured instead.

Set up a URL to receive the webhook#

Setup a Webhook to trigger the build#

  • Webhook URL The build hook or deploy hook URL
  • Resources "Content *" with "Create", "Update, and "Delete" checked will cause the webhook to fire whenever any content entry is created, updated or saved. This option is highly configurable for specific use cases.
  • Additional HTTP Headers (Optional) Additional header information passed with the webhook.