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With Versions, you'll know exactly when your content was changed and by whom. You can also undo any changes—field by field, or all at once—from any previously saved version.

Each time your content is saved, an entry is added to its Version history. For every version of your content, you can see when it was saved, who saved it, and which Workflow step it was in. Opening a version compares it against what you have currently, providing field-level highlighting to indicate exactly what's changed.

You'll find your content's versions in the right sidebar, listed in reverse-chronological order. Clicking on any of the listed versions in the sidebar will open up the comparison view.

From the top of the version comparison view, you'll be able to pick from any of the saved versions. Next to it, the top-right restore button will revert the entirety of your content's data to that version. Restoring from a previous version will not delete any of your saved version history.

If you'd only like to restore the data from a single field, you'll find any field that's been changed will have a restore button alongside it and be outlined. As you scroll through your version in the comparison view open, your view of the current content will scroll right alongside it!