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Major concepts

API Mesh

TakeShape allows you to build an API mesh that combines the APIs of multiple services into single, unified API. This simplifies all the calls you need to make to access the third-party resources your business, app, or website depends upon.


TakeShape generates a GraphQL API for every project, providing a convenient way to access multiple resources at once.


TakeShape projects provide data modeling and database features to augment and enhance your API mesh.


The schema is the core of every TakeShape project. The schema's complexity is what enables the API Mesh's simplicity. It uses a set of objects, properties, and concepts to enable complex functionality like data transformation pipelines, multi-step query resolution, and external data storage. From a single schema JSON file, we generate an entire GraphQL API.

Patterns & Starter projects

Create or share APIs with pre-defined functionality using patterns. Our starter projects combine API patterns with prewritten client code so you can get a site running in minutes.


Install the CLI to access your TakeShape project from the command line. Use it to generate a GraphQL schema file to integrate with your code editor, export your TakeShape schema to edit by hand, or import new projects from patterns.