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Services are all the external APIs and platforms you'll be using to build your project. Shopify, Contentful, and Klaviyo are just a few examples. When you connect a service to a project you'll get a GraphQL API for querying and modifying data on that service.

Using services

Follow the guides in this section to learn more about using external services. We have dedicated service providers for the most popular, like Shopify Admin and BigCommerce, but you can also connect arbitrary GraphQL or REST APIs.

This is useful if you want to use multiple APIs from the same service, like the Shopify Storefront API, which we have a guide on. Another example might be the Shopify Messaging REST API, which we do not have a guide on, but which you can connect by following our REST provider guide.

You can also extend service data by adding it to a Shape defined in a project's schema. Check out the Service Schema section of our Shape docs to learn more.

Finally, you can create custom queries and mutations in your project that use data from services to perform complex operations. For example, you might want to update user data in both Shopify and an email marketing service with a single mutation. You can read more about this in our queries and mutations docs.


We have an extensive collection of starter patterns and repos using a variety of services. Patterns can be deployed to a project, setting up an API for you immediately. Our starter repos can be cloned locally to see a project in action using frameworks like Next.js.

See our full list of starter projects and patterns.

Be sure to check out our:


You can see a list of providers in the docs navigation under Services, in the Provider section. Here is a list of some providers you might be interested in to get started:



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