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The BigCommerce service will give you access to the BigCommerce GraphQL Storefront API.

Create a BigCommerce API Account#

  • First, create a BigCommerce store if you don't already have one.
  • Next, go to Advanced Settings > API Accountsto create a Store API account.
  • Select Create 2/V3 API Token when creating the account.
  • Name the API account TakeShape
  • Take note of the API Path as you'll need it when connecting your BigCommerce service in TakeShape later.
  • Set Storefront API Tokens to manage.
  • Click Save and take note of the Access Token from the following page. This is also required for the service connection.

Connect a BigCommerce Service#

  • From your TakeShape project go to Schema > Connect Serivce.
  • Choose BigCommerce from the list of available services.
  • Create a Name, Slug and GraphQL Namespace for your connection.
  • Paste the API Path and Access Token from your BigCommerce API Account into the indicated fields.

Click Save. A dialog will prompt you to select various queries and mutations from BigCommerce to add your TakeShape schema. Choose any relevant queries or mutations you may need. You can always come back to this service configuration screen to trigger the dialog again.

Query BigCommerce#

Still in your TakeShape project, you can now go to the API > API Explorer (API Explorer Docs) and test BigCommerce queries. The following example assumes you chose BigCommerce as your namespace when setting up the connection. It should return a list of names for all your products in BigCommerce.

query {
BigCommerce_site {
products {
edges {
node {