Skip to main content helps Shopify store owners collect and display product ratings and reviews. This guide walks you through connecting to your TakeShape project.

Don't have a project yet? Check out this guide for setting one up.

Getting API credentials

Installing the Shopify app

You can add to your Shopify store in the Shopify app store, or by using's signup page.

After installing the app, you'll be taken through's Onboarding process, which will help you configure to your needs. You can follow's guide for more details on completing the Onboarding.

Getting a API key

Navigate to your app's API settings here. You'll be able to copy your private API key, which you'll need to connect your project to TakeShape. If the link does not work for you, follow the instructions below. Otherwise, skip to the Connecting section.

If you've just installed following the instructions above, you should already be at the app's page in your store.

If you already had installed, navigate to your domain's admin page by entering into the address bar of your browser. You can also reach the admin page by logging into your store from your Shopify partners account.

Then in the navigation bar on the left, select Apps, and select from your app list in the center of the page.

From the app, select the Settings tab at the top, then the Integrations tab beneath it. A search bar will appear, where you should search for "api". Select " API" from the dropdown.

You'll now see your Private and Public API tokens. Select Show on your Private token, then copy it. You'll need it to connect to TakeShape.

Connecting to TakeShape

You can connect to TakeShape by navigating to your project's web client, then select Connect Service. In the Services list, select

On the service page, provide a name for the service. The slug and namespace will be generated based on your name. Under Shop Domain, add your shop's domain without https:// or a trailing /. For example, if your shop's domain is, enter into the Shop Domain field.

Under Authentication, add your private key, which you can find by following the above instructions.

Hit Save, and your service will connect to your project.

To query immediately, hover over in your Patterns & Services panel on the left and select the three dots that appear. Select Configure Queries & Mutations and select a query to add to the API. For example, listReviews will list all reviews currently in your store.

Once you add the query to your schema, you can run it in your API Explorer panel.


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