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Mailchimp is an amazing online marketing platform for sending emails, creating landing pages, building your following on social media, and more. Connect Mailchimp with your TakeShape project to bring all of your marketing data into your API Mesh.

Connect Mailchimp

You can connect new services from the Schema page. To get there, open your project's Schema tab. Then, use the "Connect Service" button at the top of the services list, then pick "Mailchimp" from the gallery of available services.

Decide the Name, Slug, and Namespace to use within your API. Then, provide two important pieces of data from Mailchimp: your Mailchimp Server and your API Key. After you've filled everything in, hit save.

Find your Mailchimp server

To find the value for your Mailchimp Server, log into your Mailchimp account and look at the URL in your browser. You'll see something like; the us19 part is the server. Note that your specific value may be different.

Create a Mailchimp API key

To create an api key for Mailchimp, log in to your Mailchimp account then access Account → Extras → API Keys → Add API Key.

Add Mailchimp queries to your API

After successfully saving your service, you'll be prompted to add queries from Mailchimp to your API.

You can always add more queries to your API Mesh later by visiting the connected service page and using the "Select Mailchimp Queries / Mutations" button.